Dual phase modulation oscillator

(preliminary information - available mid 2017)



Moiré is a digital dual FM oscillator.

It comes with 2 completely identical oscillator cores that can also be used independently.
Each oscillator is based on a sine core that is fed through different waveshapers to alter the waveform:

  • a saw shaper (achieved through self modulation)
  • a rectangle shaper (hard clipper with adjustable gain and offset)
  • a wavefolder with adjustable gain and offset


Further each oscillator can modulate the phase of the other oscillator for yamaha style FM synthesis.


  • 28 HP
  • 16 bit / ~80kHz
  • All parameters CV controllable
  • ...


Moiré is played through a Manifold delay channel to stack up different layers of sound. Parameters of the oscillator are tweaked in realtime as it is played on a keyboard.


Directly connected to the recorder. Just wiggling some parameters on the oscillator


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