Erisian noise generator



Mal-2 is a random signal generator mainly intended as CV modulation source. It has 2 modes of operation to provide you with smooth random goodness. Imagine Eris herself lends you a third hand to keep your patches interesting.

In the first mode the CHANGE knob morphs from a cubic interpolated (sine like shaped) random signal to a random walk function that could make a wallstreet broker delirious with joy.

In the second mode the CHANGE knob sets the self similarity. On the minimum setting the signal is completely random. On the maximum setting the random sequence is locked to a repeating, identical 8 step sequence. In between the sequence seamlessly morphs to new shapes over time.

This gives you a random CV where you can shape the bounds in which the chaos unfolds and goes far beyond a slew limited white noise.


  • 6 HP
  • 12 bit CV output
  • through hole components DIY kit
  • Random gate output
  • CV inputs with attenuverter for both knobs
  • super slow cycles times up to lower audio range
  • +12V 60mA | -12V 5mA

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Assembly guide



Mal-2 is set to a slightly modulated random walk that controls a penrose quantizer playing a braids fold osc. The fold value is controlled by another Mal-2 module set to a slow random modulation. NAVA 909 makes the beats and syncs the quantizer and a sequencer playing the bassline on a saw OSC. Drum mutes are done by hand.

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