Mal-2 Userguide



  1. Signal Frequency
    Frequency range is selectable with a jumper on the PCB.

  2. Controls the shape of the signal.
    Fully clockwise is completely random, anti clockwise is controlled by the mode switch.

  3. Attenuverters for the rate and change CVs

  4. Mode switch
    Selects the anti clockwise shape.
    Up: Random walk
    Down: Repeating 8-step sequence

  5. Signal and gate LED

  6. CV Inputs for rate and change control(+/-5V)

  7. Gate output
    A gate signal is generated whenever the CV out reaches its middle value

  8. CV output selectable via jumper between 0 to 10V and -5 to +5V

Firmware update

The firmware can be updated by playing back a special audio file to the CHANGE CV in jack.

To update the firmware:

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