Fractal noise

(preliminary information - available early 2018)

Malaclypse is a sophisticated random signal generator inspired by the Perlin-Noise algorithm. Perlin Noise is used in procedural computer graphics to generate landscapes, so the module is capable of creating signals that resemble the flat grass hills of Ireland as well as the ragged shapes of the Swiss alps and everything in between and above.

At the core of the module is an analogue noise source that can be fed through an interpolator to gradually alter its shape. The modes implemented are:

  • No interpolation - results in S'n'H like staircase signals
  • linear interpolation with or without resonance
  • cubic interpolation
  • treshold mode - results in vinyl like cracks and pops

Up to 10 octaves of these random signals, each with double the frequency, can be stacked on top of each other with decreasing volume. The volume ratio can be set with the DECAY knob.

The SIMILARITY knob sets the self similarity of the signal. With similarity all cranked up, the same sequence will be repeated over and over again. The more you lower the similarity setting, the more all the values will slowly drift away from their position with each cycle. Great for slow evolving modulation sequences!

The module goes down to about half an hour cycle time between 2 values and reaches full audio rate as well. Thus the module can also be used as an oscillator (similarity all cranked up) or a noise source that provides different colours of noise.

External audio and CV signals can also be manipulated. As soon as you plug in an external signal to the input, the internal random signal generator is replaced with audio samples from the input. Now the FREQUENCY knob acts as a sample rate reducer and the interpolator can still filter and reshape the input signal.

The module is syncable to external clock sources up to audio range. In sync mode the frequency knob acts as a multiplier/divider and the divided/multiplied clock is available on the clock output.


  • 14 HP
  • 16 bit / 48kHz
  • Full audio rate down to ~30 minutes cycle time
  • Frequency input tracks 1V/Oct
  • ...

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