Time and space machine

(preliminary information - available mid 2017)

Manifold is a versatile delay and reverb module that provides a great set of different algorithms.
Currently implemented are:
  • Basic delay without pitch changes during delay time changes
  • Granular pitch shifting delay
  • Tape delay with moving tape head and variable tape speed
  • Granular glitch delay
  • Multitap delay
  • Double delay (2 independent delays with separate IOs)
  • BBD delay
  • 2 Reverb algorithms
  • Chorus/Ensemble/Flange delay

The delay times can be synced to external clock sources up to audio range (about 4kHz) or the clock can be synced using the tap tempo button. While the delay times are synced, the time knob acts as a clock multiplier and divider. Synced to an external oscillator the delay can be used for karplus strong synthesis.

Most algorithms provide a second audio IO to route the feedback through external modules, including the reverbs.

Instead of a range switch, there is a second knob to adjust the range of the time knob seamlessly from a few milliseconds up to several seconds of delay time.


  • 20 HP
  • 16 bit / 48kHz
  • based on an STM32 ARM CPU with 8Mb of external SRAM
  • ...

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