The LXR Quickstart Guide

Here you will find the basic information about your new LXR kit.

Assembly Instructions

Erica enclosure Kit assembly PDF (4.6MB)
Kit assembly french PDF (4.6MB)
BOM (google spreadsheet)
Schematic front PDF (440kb)
Schematic CPU PDF (271kb)

First Steps

The fastest way to get some beats out of your new box!

  • Download the factory SD card image from: http://sonic-potions.com/public/SdCardImage.zip
  • Unzip all files to the root folder of your (FAT32!) SD card
  • Insert card and power up the synth.
  • Press start button. The chaselight starts running.
  • Use the 16 step buttons to activate some steps. Now you should hear the first voice playing.
  • Use the 7 voice select buttons to change the active track/voice
  • Again, use the 16 step buttons to activate some steps. The next voice should play now as well.
  • Press the red load/save mode button once. You are now in preset load mode.
  • Use the encoder to select another preset. The sound should change as soon as you move the encoder.
  • User Guide

    User Manual in the wiki

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