LXR metal enclosure from Erica Synths with cosmetic faults (B-Grade)



Enclosure with production faults for a cheaper price!

Something went wrong with the last production run and now we have a bunch of enclosures with cosmetic faults. Take a look at the pictures. The front has hex shaped dents where a bolt is attached on the back.

Powdercoated steel enclosure for the LXR with trigger IO extension.

Includes all needed small parts lightpipes for the LEDs, a power switch, cable, screws and rubber feet.

From 2020 on we don’t ship the cases with lightpipes anymore, due to the high cost for the lightpipes and troublesome installation. The provided flat top LEDs fit perfectly into the case. Please see the last gallery image for details.

The case is manufactured by Erica Synths in Latvia. (http://www.ericasynths.lv/en/)

More details can be found in the assembly guide: http://www.sonic-potions.com/MetalEnclosureErica

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg