Descent double decay


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This complete kit comes with all parts needed to build a complete Descent module:

  • Frontpanel
  • PCB
  • Ribbon power cable
  • All electronic and mechanical parts


Descent is an analogue dual envelope generator. It provides 2 independent voltage controlled decay EGs. The envelopes can be switched between triggered or gated (sustain) mode. The first trigger input is normalized to the second one and each channel provides a LED to visualize the envelope signal. The shape of the envelope can be adjusted between lin/exp with a trimmer on the back of the PCB. Decay times are adjustable between a few ms up to several seconds.

It comes as a complete kit with all needed parts to build it. That includes a multi color aluminum frontpanel, high quality jacks and smooth 9mm metal pots.


  • 6 HP
  • full analog
  • through hole components DIY kit
  • Adjustable curve characteristics (lin/exp)
  • Full voltage control over decay times
  • +12V 70mA | -12V 30mA


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